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My helper scripts, configs, and instructions for setting up new environments.

I think dotfiles (named because they often start with a dot, like .bashrc) are a fun window into someone’s work environment. (And probably a time capsule of when they started working with unix-esque systems.) My favorite trick is to name custom scripts starting with a comma.

A simple Desktop-only app for calorie counting and meal planning.

I wrote this to use it myself. You can read much more about it in my post on Calorie Counting × Meal Planning.

A tiny tool to find git repositories on your computer and tell you if any are dirty or unpushed.

I wrote this to use it myself. Over time, it’s also expanded to check other directories on your computer for any files that aren’t expected, and offer to delete them. These two functionalities are part of an effort to have things backed up at all times, so a hard drive failing is no big deal.

My helper functions for python.

I add this tiny library as a dependency to all my projects. It contains little functions I kept writing over and over. There’s very little here—probably a positive testament to Python—but I like the idea of having a personal helper library so much I couldn’t resist including it.

You might also be interested in checking out my research software.



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Latest: May 17, 2023

Fake diary entries in a language textbook are surreal when you think about it a bit. You have an adult human going about their day and then writing about it using pre-preschool-level grammar.


The garage is an experiment in "working with the garage door up." These evolving notes are written for me but posted publicly here. Read more in What is the garage?