Jun 27, 2021


It is very hot in Seattle right now. Today was the hottest day in recorded history. Tomorrow is supposed to be hotter.

I looked at some maps of the “heat dome,” and it was one of those nice “oh shit, nature is huge and way more powerful than us” moments. Like, collectively, we can change the planet (mostly seemingly in bad ways), but to an individual person sitting in their home, earth looms its multi-liquid presence and one just sits there, “boy it’s HOT ain’t it?”

I kind of wonder whether, if the earth could feel, if stuff like volcanoes erupting, violent ocean currents, and hundreds miles wide hurricanes would feel great. Like super delicious and refreshing and churny and tingly.

I started the garage which has been fantastically liberating creatively. What a joy it is to post more.

I am still just the slightest bit worried about how I’ll put things together into actual posts now. Micro ideas I might fiddle with and develop can instead just pop out and live there. What if I just splatter out tidbits and don’t combine them into larger nice things?

Writing out that worry is helpful, because I immediately realize it is okay. Three reasons:

  1. I am still developing these little garage notes a lot. Like way, way too much. So I don’t think I will have an issue of underdeveloping things.01

  2. I am reminded of a couple of ideas by Jonathan Blow I found back in May of 2020 (I don’t recall from where):

    When you’re new at something, you get excited by trivial or surface things. You have to work through these things to get to deeper things to be interested in.

    In building something new, you shouldn’t have just one new interesting / good idea. You should have twenty. It’s great when you have one new good idea, but you should put it in your pocket and save it up.

    I was originally just thinking about the second, but I think both apply here. It will be good to work through and build up things.

  3. The flood gates need to just stay open. Maybe for a long time. Let the pendulum complete its swing. I don’t even know where it is yet.

I think the idea of “freedom in only ways of looking” (from last week) is the same thing as meta-rationality, which is the same thing as “pattern and nebulosity,” which is the same thing as “emptiness and form.”

It’s funny how, even if the mind conceptually knows this, it still keeps chugging on, making conceptual frameworks. I tend to my conceptual frameworks like gardens—I mean, look, I’m all excited about this new garage garden.02 I wonder whether, when these ideas are deeply known, this will cease? I doubt it. From all accounts, you can still enjoy conceptual frameworks, you just don’t get caught up in them.

Cool. 😎


  1. I don’t actually know what the hell “an idea” is anyway, because to me it’d have to be like one sentence or one fragment per note. ↩︎

  2. Is the garage actually a “meta-garden” in this already confusing analogy? ↩︎