Maxwell Forbes

About me


It’s very important what others think about you.

Max is my favorite of your friends because he always fills the ice trays.

In a talent show where the bar isn’t too high, you would do all right.

You fact-checking spider! You rollerblading vampire!


  • I play the tenor sax, clarinet, and piano. I once heard, “A gentleman is a man who can play the saxophone but doesn’t,” which has haunted me forever since.

  • I boulder badly and only inside so far

  • I’m from Seattle. As mandated by local law, I drink a ton of coffee, love IPAs, and wear beanies all the time. I’ve spent some time studying and working in Amsterdam, Zurich, and New York.


I miss the GeoCities days when personal pages were the rage. Behold, some friends with websites:

  • Alex Miller digital visual artist; curious and warm; loves trying all the drinks from Japanese vending machines.

  • Callan Berry comic artist and designer; hilarious and personable; seems to always know full plots to games and movies before they’re out.

  • Cooper Smith pixel artist, drummer, retro game enthusiast, and policy analyst; meticulous and sincere; the best candidate for our band name was “Urban Toast.”

  • Ike McCreery social organizer and software engineer; open and intimate; hanging out is like a breath of fresh air.

  • Steve Geluso teacher and freelance developer; courageous and down-to-earth; I once witnessed him pull a taco out of his pocket.

More of me

I am active on GitHub, and I am trying to learn how to tweet.

After being an online recluse for a long time I have decided to try the whole modern Internet thing out. I hope it’s fun!

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