Photo Notebook

Vs Phone

I thought it’d be interesting to take the same photo on the camera and the phone and compare them. In particular, I’m curious how the iPhone’s 2x zoom camera compares against a camera photo’s crop of the same area.

Case Study: Osaka Boat

This is a handheld night shot, which are the hardest kinds of photos for me to take.01 First night with camera, many years in with phone.02

Here’s the original with the camera, followed by two crops of it with each of the phone’s cameras.03

From camera [f1.7, 1/50s]

Next up, a slight crop of the camera photo vs the iPhone’s main (wide) camera (AKA 1x AKA “26mm”).

Top: From camera, cropped [f1.7, 1/50s]. Bottom: From iPhone wide camera (1x) [1/60s].

And an even smaller crop of the same camera photo vs one from the iPhone’s telephoto camera (AKA 2x AKA “52mm”).

Top: From camera, even more cropped [f1.7, 1/50s]. Bottom: From iPhone telephoto camera (2x) [1/60s].

I mentioned it above, but I really need to turn the iPhone’s exposure way down for a better comparison. Though I’d need to start shooting raw I think to be able to bring more details out then later.


  1. I guess I don’t try photographing birds or anything so maybe that’s harder idk. ↩︎

  2. Though you’d think I’d know to turn the exposure down with the phone at this point. It’s because night photos are always so bad I don’t even try. ↩︎

  3. Not even trying the ultra wide at night. Have you seen how bad that is? ↩︎