3D Notebook

Topic: Lighting

Lighting is everything.


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I changed some other stuff here (some more objects, floor texture, some thicknesses), but largely it’s the materials and light and camera settings.

There’s much more here than I’d realized. Bolding most important stuff I hadn’t been using.

  • Light
    • Sun and Sky
    • Enabling sampling params
    • Ground and BG are your friend, maybe even edge or grid for some effects
  • Composition
    • Additional light source, e.g., from above
    • Multiple light sources
    • Shadows
    • Embracing direct emission (e.g., not hiding behind glass), and tweaking emission material params (along w/, e.g., bloom) a lot
  • Material
    • Emission, reflection, transparency, cloud
    • Been noticing a lot more shininess in materials in games, I think some reflection really goes a long way
  • Camera
    • Film exposure (brighten everything)
    • Bloom (brighten + blur brights)