Stupid things I do constantly in Python

A non-exhaustive list

  • Output a string with "{value}", run the whole thing again and make it f"{value}".

  • Misspell a command line argument when accessing it on an args object because it’s beyond mypy’s capabilities to type check.

  • Try to access a pandas DataFrame by row like df[0] and have the same eighteen-line double stack trace vomited at me.

  • Wait for minutes for df.iterrows() to iterate over a pandas DataFrame because I don’t want to try to figure out the incantation for how to vectorize yet another trivial aggregation.

  • Throw in code.interact(local=dict(globals(), **locals())) and try/except rather than learning how to use the python debugger or get break points to do something in my editor.

  • Spend way too long playing type golf with stuff like Dict[str, Dict[str, List[Optional[Union[float, int]]]]] in one-off scripts to appease mypy.

  • Spend way too long trying to correctly use Enums for anything before going back to strings.

  • Spend way too long trying to correctly configure logging for anything before going back to print().

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