Video game graveyard

I think it’s important to create experiments and prototypes that don’t end up working out.

To celebrate these, I’ve created a tiny catalog here of abandoned early game explorations and prototypes.

Early experiments

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A teensy libGDX test program, with a sneaky chat program over TCP.


Hey, sometimes tutorials can get you just comfortable enough to forge out on your own.


One you write physics and a level editor from scratch, you begin to realize how deep the game making rabbit hole goes. Collaboration with Cooper Smith.


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Platformer. Collaboration with Cooper Smith.


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Strike game + aliens. Collaboration with Cooper Smith. Had a great time programming the camera for this one!


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Text adventure + disaster. Collaboration with Cooper Smith feat. Arby’s.


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Asteroids clone + future. Collaboration with Cooper Smith. We kinda phoned it in on this one.


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GTA + dark ages. Collaboration with Cooper Smith. Ended up becoming foundation for Fallgate.


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Fighting + wild west. Collaboration with Cooper Smith. Fun to reverse engineer fighting games. I’m pretty sure it’s all about hit boxes.


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This is the only one that doesn’t belong in the graveyard, but didn’t want to leave you hanging wondering what happened between 6 and 8. This was Fallgate! (Also a collab with Cooper Smith.)


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Breakout clone. Collaboration with Cooper Smith. First attempt seriously going for it in Unity. Kind of a rough time.

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