Jun 3, 2022


Among tourist destination islands (probably all of them?), this one seemed laid back. Accordingly we did almost nothing.

Beach gato!

Mediterranean water up close is saltier and prettier than just about any liquid I’ve seen. Turns out the sea really does get turquoise.

(Now of course that I write that, I don’t have a photo of it.)

Instead here is a photo of a building I liked.

This time with mizithra. By the way, the whole time was a great exercise in remembering years spent doing some amount of math, because it turns out they do write in Greek letters for everything. So seeing μυζήθρα at the store I'm like, OK, μ is mu, definitely know θ is theta, ρ looks like "p" but it's "rho" so probably sounds like "r," etc.

Temple of Instagram.

I delighted in this Mario knockoff welcoming you into a random market.

P.S. Sorry no maps, had problems making them for both Athens and Naxos so 🤷‍♂️ hopefully next time.