Jul 17, 2022


Ultra light entry on Paris.

What struck me the most this visit was basically any district we went to, there was a ton of good stuff. Pleasant walks, nice cafes, interesting things to see and do, good subway connection. We had carefully picked the district we wanted to stay in, only to book a hotel across town the night before arriving due to some AirBnb snafu. No research, district picked completely at random. But the new one was fantastic. And this was true every one we went to.

I liked coming to Paris having been in smaller French cities for a few weeks. Previously Paris was the first (and only) city Iā€™d visit when coming to France. Doing it this way gave Paris a Manhattan vibe compared to the sleepier cities down south.

Bottom: Right: Quick story. My sister's husband proposed to her at the Eiffel Tower. Someone nearby popped champagne and offered each of them a glass. Overcome with emotion, they accepted. The guy then demanded 80ā‚¬ (~$85)! (This was talked down.) I kept wondering after hearing this story: are guys just walking around the Eiffel Tower with champagne, waiting for proposals to happen? To my disbelief, the answer is freaking YES. Multiple of these guys wandering around with buckets of ice and champagne (and wine, beer, cigarettes). Judging by how many times we were offered wine, their business model is broader than just engagements.