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Studies. I’d like to work on focused studies. If I want to, I can post the result as a sketch, but it’s not required. From each study, I will probably learn 1–n techniques. I may start the study with a specific technique to explore, like skyboxes or animated fluids.

Topic notes: explanations and/or quick guides. I’d like to organize these techniques into topics, like projections, lighting, underwater, level of detail, and scene composition. From the study, I can link to 1–n notes for the topics. Some of the topics will span 3js and MagicaVoxel (and blender?), and could have specific sections for each program. For example, a depth of field guide could have a general section, then subsections for (a) achieving it in 3js, (b) working with it in MagicaVoxel. Some of these subsections will purely be quick guides. Some topics will only be quick guides for a single software, like doing screen resolution correctly in 3js, or a cheat sheet to using MagicaVoxel shaders.

If we called the series01 “3D Notebook,” the index would look like:02

3D Notebook

Note: Study: animated poster (web)


if desired: also posted as [[sketch foo]]


  • my usual verbosity

(^ this could come before or after topics)

Topics explored:

  • lighting (updated)
  • 3js display (new)

(^ these could be previews instead of bullets)

Also posted, if desired: Sketch: animated 3d poster


from [[animated 3d poster study (3js)]]

Note: Lighting:

## 3js

(new section, stuff I learned)

Note: 3js display

(new note, stuff I learned)

Reasons behind all this.

I’d like to have studies with (a) a small scope, (b) a clear end, (c) only optionally posted as sketches, (d) guides collected in notes.



  1. Right now the series order expects sequential numbers. Eventually, I might want to allow this to be sorted by date or title. ↩︎

  2. If desired, I could even break into separate sections: 3D Studies and 3D notebook; or even Three.js Studies, MagicaVoxel Studies, and 3D Notebook. ↩︎