17 Apr 2022

Porto: Port, Park, Cobblestone Collection, Cat

Map by me, made with marceloprates/prettymaps. Data © OpenStreetMap contributors.


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Port, where wine’s fermentation is stopped early by adding a bunch of brandy. Sugars remain (it is sweet), and of course the brandy is there too (it is strong).


  • White (from white grapes) — nice as port and tonic, meh on its own
  • Ruby (red, some oak’ing) — drink with cheese, meat, chocolate
  • Tawny (brown, super oaked) — spiced and oak-y, as digestif, or w/ salted cheeses or baking spice desserts

In Sandeman's cellars. These barrels are small—maximum oakitude for the tawnys.


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New favorite park on the planet, Parque da Cidade do Porto.

This might have been a “water in the desert” situation after being packed in with hoards of tourists and cars in a gazillion cobblestone streets for two weeks, but damn if this place wasn’t amazing.

Ponds, fields, wooded areas, paths, overlooks, shade, sun, quiet, and space.

Cobblestone Collection

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I have discovered that cobblestone is a genre rather than a thing. Behold.

Bottom-right is actually wood masquerading as cobblestone. Used in cellars for temperature and physical softness, I think.


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As advertised, here is a feline I found.

Bonus: Tiles

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Beautiful tile work in Portugal.

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