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Max is my favorite of your friends because he always fills the ice trays.

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Seriously, in a talent show where the bar isn't too high, you could do well.

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I am a first-year PhD student in artificial intelligence at the University of Washington. My advisor is Yejin Choi.

I’m broadly interested in artificial intelligence, including natural language processing, robotics, machine learning, and computer vision. Specifically, I aim to explore a machine learning-driven approach to situated language understanding, linking natural language processing with grounded tasks in robotics and computer vision.

As an undergrad, I worked with Maya Cakmak, Luke Zettlemoyer, and Rajesh P. N. Rao.

After graduating, I worked for a year in the Human-Centered Robotics Lab, spending most of my time with Rosie, the resident PR2.

I then worked for a year a software engineer at Google on the open-source project Kubernetes as well as Google Container Engine.


My non-academic project interests include:

  1. Programming: data visualization, games, web programming
  2. Music composition and performance (I play jazz sax and piano)
  3. Clothing modification (this one is nascent)


If you’d like to get in touch, please don’t hesitate to email me at my email address as a sneaky image.