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Robot Programming by Demonstration with Situated Spatial Language Understanding



Robot Programming by Demonstration (PbD) allows users to program a robot by demonstrating the desired behavior. Providing these demonstrations typically involves moving the robot through a sequence of states, often by physically manipulating it. This requires users to be co-located with the robot and have the physical ability to manipulate it. In this paper, we present a natural language based interface for PbD that removes these requirements and enables hands-free programming. We focus on programming object manipulation actions—our key insight is that such actions can be decomposed into known types of manipulator movements that are naturally described using spatial language; e.g. object reference expressions and prepositions. Our method takes a natural language command and the current world state to infer the intended movement command and its parametrization. We implement this method on a two-armed mobile manipulator and demonstrate the different types of manipulation actions that can be programmed with it. We compare it to a kinesthetic PbD interface and we demonstrate our method’s ability to deal with incomplete language.

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I presented this paper at ICRA 2015.

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