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I build and open-source small tools as I work. I don’t consider any of these significant enough to be considered a ‘project’ on its own.

I love documenting code and writing guides (nerd!) so each tool should have enough information on its Github page to get someone up-and-running using it. For any questions, comments, improvements, bugs or the like, please use the ‘issues’ tab on the relevant project’s Github page.

The following are listed chronologically, most recent first.


A small tool to parse POMDP environments and policies, load them into Python objects, and provide methods for belief updates and accessing data.

language python
source github
added April 20, 2014


Check to see if there are uncommitted or unpushed changes locally in any git repos. This is useful if, like me, most of your code lives and is backed up on various git servers (GitHub, GitLab, …) and you want to make sure all your stuff is pushed in case your computer goes AWOL.

language python
source github
added April 6, 2014


A picture of a matplotlib plot, post-beautyplot A single function call to make matplotlib.pyplot plots look better. Because neither prettyplotlib nor matplotlibrc worked for me.

language python
source github
added April 3, 2014


A GTD-inspired, Bootstrap-enabled, super-light project management system. Write up your projects and resources in Markdown, host and view locally in a browser on your Mac (with Apache/PHP).

I used this tool heavily to keep track of all of my personal projects. Eventually I wanted to move beyond Apache and PHP and try something new, so I wrote a newer version using node.js. The code and data are tied together right now so I haven’t open-sourced it yet.

language php
source github
added March 26, 2014